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  • Client Barry White
  • Handover June 1st 2022
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Website Design & Development for Purelake

Discover the stunning evolution of Purelake

Purelake came to us through a referral, indicating a pressing need for a revamped website. Their primary requirements were for a design that was both mobile-friendly and user-updatable to keep their content fresh and engaging. To meet these needs, we engineered a hybrid website—half static to ensure blazing fast loading times essential for SEO and user satisfaction, and half dynamic, providing the flexibility they needed to routinely update their portfolio, sliders, and various image and text elements.

For the development of the front end, we leveraged the latest advancements in Bootstrap technology from Twitter, enhancing the site’s responsiveness and accessibility across all devices. We also incorporated Elegant Icons to enrich the visual experience and integrated smooth animations to make the navigation experience more intuitive and engaging. This approach not only elevated Purelake’s online presence but also equipped them with the tools to effectively manage their digital content and attract their target audience.

  • + Brand Development
  • + UX/UI Design
  • + Front-end Development
  • + WordPress CMS
Web Design & Web Development Project on Dekstop

- Barry White / Director

We approached DBETA for the proposal of re-doing our website. Our requirements were specific: we aimed for a modern, mobile-compatible design that would enable us to update our content easily. The DBETA team met the challenge and provided a solution that ideally met the requirements established by our need for creativity and functionality. We are delighted with the outcomes and highly recommend DBETA, particularly for their web design and development specialisation.

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Web Design & Web Development Project on Dekstop
Web Design & Web Development Project on Ipad Web Design & Web Development Project on Iphone

The Purelake Group, an award-winning leader in quality homebuilding, proudly serves the South East with exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design.