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Security Doors Factory (SDF) was a repeat client needing a website to showcase their products and door manufacturing capabilities. The website specs also included a portal for clients to log in, track their projects, make payments, and create tasks directly. Wanting to gain search engine traffic, we created the site to deliver organic search engine results. The site currently ranks for up to 100 keywords in security door manufacturing.

  • Karolis Z
  • Door Manufacturing
  • Design, Development, CRM, SEO
  • March 1st 2021
  • securitydoorsfactory.co.uk

We aimed to create a platform that would showcase our wide range of security doors and manufacturing capabilities while providing an interactive experience for our clients. DBETA delivered a masterclass in web design and functionality with their solution.

- Karolis Zilius / Director

The new website they crafted includes a highly intuitive client portal that has transformed our customer interactions. Our clients can log in, track their projects, make payments, and easily create tasks. The portal is an excellent example of DBETA's understanding of our need for a website that showcases our products and serves as a dynamic customer engagement tool.
One of the most remarkable achievements of our collaboration with DBETA is our website's search engine ranking. They meticulously optimized the website for search engines, which has had a phenomenal impact. Our site now ranks for up to 100 keywords related to security door manufacturing, significantly boosting our online presence and leading to increased engagement and business opportunities.
DBETA's expertise in SEO and cutting-edge web development approach have set a new standard for our digital presence. They merge technical functionality with user-friendly design, which is unmatched. We highly recommend their services to businesses looking to enhance their digital footprint. The success of our website is a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction and their prowess in web development and SEO.

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