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Smart Aluminum Constructions (SAC) was a client referral in need of a redesigned website. Their vision was a minimalistic, yet inspiring website with animations, icons, and graphics. Using our latest 6.0 framework, we built the website with no page reloading and an impressive product and project gallery.


We were referred to DBETA to transform our online presence. We aimed to create a website that embodied minimalism while simultaneously inspiring visitors through its design elements. DBETA embraced our vision and elevated it to new heights with its innovative approach and technical prowess.

- Darius K / Director

The team at DBETA used their latest 6.0 framework to develop a website that stands out for its elegance and efficiency. One of the most striking features is the seamless user experience, achieved through a design that eliminates page reloading. This smooth, uninterrupted navigation is a technical achievement and a reflection of our brand's commitment to precision and quality.
DBETA's artistic flair is evident in integrating animations, icons, and graphics, each element carefully chosen to enhance the website's minimalistic theme. These design choices have transformed our website into a digital canvas that conveys our brand ethos and engages and captivates our audience.
Our new website's product and project gallery is nothing short of impressive. It showcases our work in a format that is both accessible and visually stunning, further establishing our reputation as leaders in the field of aluminium construction.
Our experience with DBETA has been remarkable. Their ability to understand and translate our needs into a digital reality, combined with their technical expertise, sets them apart. We highly recommend DBETA to anyone seeking a partner who can deliver a website that is not just a digital space but a reflection of their brand's identity and values.

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