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Purelake was a referral client in need of a new website design. In addition to a new mobile-friendly version, they also wanted the ability to update their website. As a solution, we made the website half static (for blazing fast loading speed) and half dynamic to allow them to update their portfolio, sliders, and other image and text elements. We built the front end of the site using the latest Bootstrap from Twitter Technology, Elegant Icons, and Animations.

  • Natalie S
  • Property Developer
  • Design, Development
  • June 1st 2021
  • purelake.co.uk

We were referred to DBETA as a potential client, and we approached them with the intention of revamping our website. Our requirements were specific: we wanted a modern, mobile-friendly design that would allow us to update our content easily. The team at DBETA rose to the challenge and delivered a solution that perfectly balanced our need for speed and functionality.

- Natalie S / Manager

The key to their approach was the hybrid structure of our new website. By making half of it static, DBETA ensured lightning-fast loading speeds, essential for enhancing user experience and engagement. The other half of the site is dynamic, allowing us to easily update our portfolio, sliders, and various image and text elements. This combination of static and dynamic components has transformed how we manage our online presence.

DBETA's choice of technology for our project demonstrates its commitment to quality and innovation. They used the latest Bootstrap from Twitter Technology to build the site's front end, resulting in a sleek and responsive design. The integration of Elegant Icons and subtle animations added a layer of sophistication, making our website functional and visually appealing.

The outcome is a website that meets our current needs and is equipped to evolve with our company. We are delighted with the result and highly recommend DBETA for their expertise in web design and development. Their ability to understand and cater to specific client needs and their use of cutting-edge technology sets them apart in the industry. We are grateful to DBETA for transforming our online presence and helping us confidently step into the future.

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